Brent McHenry is an award-winning Los Angeles-based director, creative producer, and lover of Story + Light + Movement + Music. Residing in Los Angeles for over 10 years, Brent has helmed productions for countless clients, agencies, artists, and fellow filmmakers. While sharing love for multiple genres, his true passion lies in visually stunning, emotionally provocative, character-driven narratives (and the occasional absurd comedy). Because of repeated, unsupervised exposure to Star Wars and Jurassic Park at an early age, Brent plans to one day venture to the outer reaches of space and/or recklessly joyride through a minimum security dinosaur theme park in a 1993 Ford Explorer with Jeff Goldblum riding shotgun.

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Project Release Date Credit Client / Production Co Format
Toasted (In Development) TBD Director The Knights Young Feature Film
No Actor Parking (2020) TBD 2020 Producer Pocket Man Entertainment TV Pilot
40 Minutes Over Maui (2019) TBD 2020 Producer One Big Holiday Short Film
Mudpots (2019) TBD 2020 Producer Wanderkino Productions Short Film
The Kid (2018) Nov 2019 Producer Power Jacket Productions Short Film
Boost Mobile | "Switch" Campaign Nov 2017 - 2019 Producer Schiefer Chopshop Commercial
Health Hacks with Jessica Alba Sept 2017 Producer ATTN: | The Seven Seas Co. Web Series
Aire Serv | "The Precocious Kid" July 2017 Producer Bindery | The Seven Seas Co. Commercial
The Tinder Games (2017) May 2017 Director The Knights Young Short Film
Edmunds | "8 Steps to Buying a New Car" Dec 2016 Director Big Boots | T Group Productions Web Spot
KPMG | "Sliced Bread" Sep 2016 Producer MOFILM | You & Mr Jones Commercial
IKEA | "Back to College Room Makeover" Aug 2016 Director Fullscreen, Inc. Branded Web Spot
Reality Queen! (2020) Aug 2016 Co-Producer London Film, LLC Feature Film
The Best & Worst Days of George Morales'... May 2016 Producer Films by Ben & Seth Short Film
DJI Stories | "The Next Generation" Apr 2016 Director DJI Creative Studio Short Branded Doc
FoodieHub | "Franklin Barbecue" Mar 2016 Director FoodieHub Web Series
Walden University | "My Why" Nov 2015 Producer SAV Studios Short Branded Doc
Magic the Gathering | "Arena of the Planeswalkers" Oct 2015 Producer Machinima Commercial
FoodieHub | "Louis Mueller BBQ" Jun 2015 Director FoodieHub Web Series
Subway | "You Are Your Sandwich" Mar 2015 Director Subway Web Spot
Fitbit | "Surge" Oct 2014 Producer Fitbit / Ion Drive Films Commercial
Fitbit | "Charge HR" Oct 2014 Producer Fitbit / Ion Drive Films Commercial
EVIAN / NBCF | "FasterThan" Oct 2014 Director Relativity Media PSA
Hector and the Search for Happiness - "The Shrink" Sept 2014 Director Relativity Media Promo Web Series
EarthWE | "Bhakti Fest 2014" Sept 2014 Director Rolling Thunder Productions Web Promo
UFC 172 | "Mr. Wonderful" May 2014 Line Producer Woven Digital Web Promo
Nike | "Be Heard" April 2014 Producer Dir. Ryan Eytcheson Commercial
Glow (2013) 2014 Producer Dir. Douglas Jessup Short Film
Comex | "El estadio" Dec 2013 Producer Dir. Raul Fernandez | Comex Short Branded Doc
Olay Fresh Effects | "The RAEviewer" Nov 2013 Director Olay | Popsugar Branded Web Series
Glove (2013) Oct 2013 Producer Dir. Dylan Bushnell Short Film
Bad Sports with Chad Whipple | Season 1 Jul 2013 Producer Dir. Philip Hodges | Electus Web Series
Weapon Wars | Season 1 Jun 2013 Producer Dir. Michael Ashton | Machinima Web Series
EWroe & Emma Bee | "The Food Ditty" Jun 2013 Director Ellen Wroe | IM Records Music Video
Chevy | "Engage the Unknown" May 2013 Director Chevrolet | GM Commercial
Chevy | "Man U Match Day" Oct 2012 Director Chevrolet | GM Commercial
Ergotron | "How Do You Want to Work?" Sep 2012 Director Ergotron | JustStand.org Web Spot
Sovereign/Santander | "Cash Independence" Aug 2012 Producer Sovereign/Santander Commercial
Chevy | "The First Wave" Aug 2012 Director Chevrolet | GM Commercial
Everclear | "Be Careful What You Ask For" Jun 2012 Producer Dir. Dennis Roberts | Entertainment One Music Video
Reach | "Chemical" Apr 2012 Producer Dir. Philip Hodges Music Video
Miles Fisher | "Don't Let Go" Jan 2012 Producer Dir. Michael Ashton Music Video
Jared Lee | "It's Over (Goodbye)" Nov 2011 Director Eleet Music Group Music Video
EWroe feat. Just-[ICE] - "The Gatorade Rap" Aug 2011 Director Ellen Wroe | IM Records Music Video
Cyber Rain | "Smart Irrigation" Aug 2011 Director Cyber Rain Web Spot
Ergotron | "The Uprising" Campaign May 2011 Producer Dir. Raul Fernandez | Ergotron/JustStand.org Commercial
Plundr.com | "Pennies on the Dollar!" Dec 2010 Director Plundr.com | Wpromote Web Promo
Doritos | "Dorito Prohibition!" Nov 2010 Director Doritos | PepsiCo Commercial
Doritos | "The Soprano Dorito" Nov 2010 Producer Doritos | PepsiCo Commercial
Coca Cola | "28 Ounces Later" Jan 2010 Director Coca Cola Commercial
Twilight: Love Bites Nov 2009 Segment Director MTV | Metan Video TV Series
"One Million Strong (feat. Susan Sarandon)" Oct 2009 Director DSLRF | Avon Foundation PSA
deSoL | "Sing It All Night" Dec 2008 Director Heineken | Adrenaline Music Music Video
Midnight Theory | "People" Aug 2008 Producer Dir. Mitsuyo Miyazaki Music Video
Changeover (2008) May 2008 Director USC School of Cinematic Arts Short Film
On the Edge of the Crest (2008) May 2008 Director USC School of Cinematic Arts Short Doc
8/19 (2007) Dec 2007 Director USC School of Cinematic Arts Short Film
Black Coffee (2007) May 2007 Director USC School of Cinematic Arts Short Film
Greyhound (2007) Jan 2007 Director USC School of Cinematic Arts Short Film